#YouGrowGirl!: Social Media Challenge

Jacque Amadi

So I noticed that lately I haven’t been practicing what I preach when it comes to social media. I know, I know it’s terrible but it happens. You get so caught up in giving advice that everything you’re personally doing ends up taking a back seat. Kind of like when you give all your friends dating advice and 5 years later they’re happily married and you look on, beaming with pride and joy, only to turn around and realize that you’re alone and always have been. *Crickets* Or no? Maybe it’s just me….

Anyway I decided to challenge myself! I want to use my social media best practices to double my follower count on each of my social media accounts. Some will be easier than others, but I’m always up for a challenge!

Like I said in the video if you want to join me let me know by tagging me (@jacqueamadi), and/or using the hashtag #YouGrowGirl on Instagram, Youtube, or Twitter. Happy social growing!


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