How To Gain A Targeted Audience Through Social Media (plus, a freebie!)

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Preface: I’m super excited by today’s guest poster! Doni was featured earlier this year as one of my “Blogging Beauties You Should Know” and she’s always welcome ’round these parts! Now, on to the post.

headshot 3First, let me let start by introducing myself. I’m Doni Brown and I help people build effective blogs and lovable digital brands. I do that through teaching content marketing and social media marketing. Now on to what you came for!

Any great blogger will tell you that your blog isn’t effective unless you have a targeted following. Why? Because, if your audience is just as passionate about your blog’s topic as you are, your audience will be engaged and you’ll start to get the results that you’re looking for. You want to attract like-minded people. For some, this sounds like a difficult task because they don’t know how to go about attracting this fabulous audience. Well, I’m about to give you some great tips on how to do that!

There is no need to make ads on Facebook or any other site when attracting this crowd!

Now on to the tips!

You Must Have a Target Audience

Okay, now this may sound a like an obvious point, but I mean you need to clearly know who your audience is. Some people don’t even know the ideal people they’re trying to attract. They just start trying to get random traffic. This does nothing for you. Not only will you get more engagement if you get the attention of your ideal audience, but you’re likely to grow quicker as well. You need to clearly define who your audience is and what they’re looking for. Below, I have a freebie that will help you figure this out.

Branding and Clarity

Branding is so important! Not only should you be branded, but your branding needs to be clear and consistent. Details are vital! You must be sure to give your audience an experience. The goal is to be so memorable that they always think of you when any related topic comes up. There is one thing you must remember though. Less is more. Start simple, and add signature details.

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Figure Out Which Platforms Have Your Audience

I always say that it’s not necessary to have a presence on every platform. Yup, you read that right. It’s better to be effective on two or three platforms than to be thriving on none. The way you choose which platform to be on is simply by knowing which platforms your audience would enjoy the most. So, if your content is wordy, your audience is likely on Facebook or Twitter. If you have a lot of imagery, Instagram and Pinterest are your best friends. Just think of the platform’s purpose and that should help.

Use Hashtags

Yes, use them but handle them with care! Don’t over use them either. When you post something, figure out which five to seven related and effective hastags you will use. Don’t post them in the caption though. Make a comment right under the post with the tags, but more importantly search hashtags. Use them to find people who are interested in the kind of stuff you post about. Don’t just find these people though. Engage! That means doing more than just liking their posts. You have to comment and add value to what they’re doing on their accounts, then they’re more likely to return the favor and find interest in you.

Make Interactive Posts

Having a call to action can be so effective. Create posts that force your audience to invite other like minded people to your posts. How do you do this? Here’s an example. If I created a shoe post, I would tell people to tag a friend who would love those shoes. Not only is it a call to action, but it’s a specific call to action! That’s where the gold is. That helps you get new traffic that is…(yup you guessed it) targeted!

Engage With Similar Influencers Followers

If someone creates similar content as you, their followers are likely to like you too! So why not engage with them and see if they connect with you. All you have to do is go through their followers and start engaging! It’s so simple!

Do A Challenge

This is one of my favorites! Challenges not only get your followers involved, but it will get you in front of all of your followers audiences too. It’s so great! It will turn into a chain reaction because not only will their people start following you, but they’ll most likely join the challenge! Challenges usually last thirty days and they’re based around one subject. Make sure that you post daily about what you’re doing to keep up with the challenge yourself.

Jacque’s note: An example of this is my “You Grow Girl” challenge!

Here is the link to your FREE download, and I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.

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Also, thank you to Jacque for giving me the opportunity to share! Much love.

Doni Brown


Thanks Doni! This was AWESOME info! Want more social media tips? Mosey on over to theย social media section of le blog.

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  • Hi Jacque! Such great tips! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have a online brand of decor products for pets and their owners. How can I interact with my target audience, commenting on posts for example, being a company profile? I was trying to do that, but since we are a company, not a blogger, it was looking quite weird. Do you have any tip?

    Thank you!!

  • I swear it seems every time I stop by your blog I get the fresh perspective I was looking for. Often times I’ve found myself all over the place with the look and feel of my brand. I think refocusing on who my audience is would help me a great deal with getting engagement (and getting my social media act together). Thanks for the wonderful tips ladies!