Why Your Online Shop Needs a Mood Board

online shop moodboard

I’m going to be real with you guys, when I opened up Shop Lioness I had no plan and no idea what I was doing. Along the way I learned some valuable lessons, but some came too late. One of those late lessons was creating a visual representation of my shop a.k.a a mood board. 

Mood boards are a collection/collage of images (including texture, patterns, and fonts) that are meant to evoke a certain style or feeling.

I had an idea of the types of girls who were buying from me, I even created a detailed social media handbook for myself and my interns to use that meticulously described how we should communicate with customers/followers online. However, visually I was a mess! Yeah, my shop looked nice (it’s currently still up for your viewing pleasure) but I changed it’s appearance so much you’d think it was owned by multiple people. This can be seriously confusing to people!

Creating is exciting to me, but it can also be overwhelming when you have a million and one ideas. Mood boards help you define your style and stick to it. The better defined your brand is, the more effective you’ll be in attracting your target customer.

I will always be an e-commerce girl, and while designing mugs is a fun hobby, I’m all about fashion and beauty. So, I’m starting over! Yup, I’m currently planning a brand new online shop and you’ll be with me every step of the way. (I’ll also still be selling mugs on the side!) The mood board pictured above is for my future online shop: Adorned by Chi.

adornedbychi online shop moodboard

While I build my boutique I’ll be writing posts every step of the way! If you want to follow along and use the exact techniques I’m using, my e-course Build-a-Boutique is a step by step guide, with worksheets and videos included, to help you build the online shop of your dreams!

Are you building a boutique? Do you run one already? Drop your links below! And if you don’t already have a mood board, you should take some time out this week and create one- it’s fun!

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