Online Shop Owners: You’re not selling what you think you’re selling

you're not selling what you think you're sellingOnce upon a time I ran a small online vintage boutique: Shop Lioness. When I first opened up it was just a fun way to combine my hobbies and make a little bit of cash. I had no direction and had no idea that I was branding myself along the way. When I did catch on, about a year into it, I kicked it into high gear and it paid off, BUT I made a huge mistake. I lost sight of what I was really selling (it wasn’t clothing) and I didn’t have the time, or heart, to fix my mistake…but now I can stop others from making it!

So *drum roll please*, here’s what you’re really selling when you sell online….


Do you know how many boutiques are out there? Yeah, a ton. Starting a business online is now easier than it’s ever been, and new boutiques pop up every day with a good number of them selling the same pieces. So, what makes yours special?

Every shop should tell a story (aka have a personality or promote a certain lifestyle) that’s intentional, well portrayed in all their images and communication, and is easy to identify. My story was accidental. It was the fact that I modeled everything. I’m a normal happy looking girl, not a sleek pouty lipped model. Even when I did have others model, they were normal happy looking girls as well. People could see themselves in the clothing I wore, which was always bright, fun, and bubbly. Plus, they knew they were communicating directly with the person they saw in the photos:

shop lionessI looked like a friend, treated customers like friends (because they were) and communicated over social media in a friendly way. I was selling myself. The minute I replaced myself with actual tall, gorgeous models, interest was lost. My mistake was too quickly removing what people were used to…seeing just me- a normal, bubbly, friendly girl. I had completely changed my shop’s story. Don’t make this mistake!

Instead, choose a story that is coveted and/or relatable and stick to it. Want some examples? You know I’ve got you covered! Here are three small businesses that I’m in love with, who have great brand “stories”. (Disclaimer: This is what I personally feel these brands portray):

Floss Gloss



Images via Floss Gloss and A Vibrant Day

Sells: Nail Polish

Brand Story: A west coast club kid who loves Lil’ Kim, lives for the late 90s/early 2000s, and rocks bamboo earrings and faux fur jackets on the daily. She can’t go anywhere if her nails aren’t done, and they’re always done.

floss gloss packaging

Commentary: Long lasting nail polish is everywhere. Cruelty free nail polish is everywhere. Fast drying nail polish is everywhere. What really makes Floss Gloss unique is their fun styling (and packaging) and their bold business personality. With product names like Gangsta Boo and Mrs. Tony Montana, you can’t help but feel cool with each stroke of their pretty polish.

JCLU Forever 

jclu forever logojclu forever 1

Images via JCLU Forever

Sells: Apparel

Brand Story: A modern, trendy, fashionable girl who is totally in love with Jesus! She also lives on social media and enjoys sharing online with her friends.

jclu forever 2

Commentary: As a Christian I adore JCLU Forever apparel. With shirts that read “Bae aint bae if bae don’t pray” and “deny your #selfie”, JCLU seamlessly and uniquely mixes current internet culture and trendy styling with the Word!

The Wrap Life

the wrap life logo the wrap life 2

images via The Wrap Life

Sells: Head-wraps and Bohemian Jewelry

Brand Story: Natural haired queen, lover of life, in tune with the universe. She speaks softly yet wisely, allowing bold prints and loud colors to amplify her personality.

wrap life packaging

Commentary: The Wrap Life takes head wraps and breaths new life into them with fun handmade African prints and beautiful images of stunning natural haired women. And with product names like Oshun, Strange Fruit, and Tigress, wearing one of their wraps makes you feel chic while also more in touch with your roots. Even their packaging screams handmade, creative, and authentic.

Now that you know about brand “stories”, take a look at your shop and your online presence. What story are you telling? If you have to stretch…pinpoint the kind of message you want to get across and start making the necessary changes to set yourself apart!

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