No one will buy from you if they don’t know you exist!

no one will buyHey there, *taps mic* is this thing on?

I have a message for all you small business owners out there who are struggling to get off the ground. Are you ready? Lean in closer. Come on, I don’t bite. You want to know why you’re not making any sales?


Whew! That was awkward. But now that the harsh truth is out of the way, let me tell you what you can do to get more eyes on you and your business.

1. Tell your friends, mom, dog, coworkers, etc.

Are you shy about your business? Don’t be! You never know who’ll be willing to help you. Someone you know might end up connecting you to your dream client/best customers! I know a lot of people have fears about what’ll happen if they tell people their plans and their business fails. But I can already tell you what will happen. Nothing!

kanye shrugYup, nothing at all. The world will keep spinning, you’ll keep breathing, and you’ll have an enviable life experience under your belt. Not many people can say they owned a business!

2. Blogger outreach

Being featured on The Fashion Bomb skyrocketed my shop’s sales. After the feature, I made more in one day than I usually made in two weeks! And no, the website owner (The lovely Claire) didn’t seek out my tiny shop. I wrote to her, expressing my love for the community she created and presenting my products as something her audience would love. It took two tries to get a reply but it was totally worth it and each email took me less than 10 minutes to write. So if you want more exposure and sales you must outreach, and outreach often!

tom hanks email

3. Work that social media

Don’t just post products and sale updates on your social media pages. Interact with people. Hop on relevant hashtags. Follow influencers in your field. Talk to people. Build a community.

lisa simpson

Also, Facebook groups are awesome! Join them and connect with like minded people. They may even become your customers. Stumped about which groups to partake in? If you’re in fashion, join a fashion bloggers, or a fashion stylist group. Beauty guru? Join a makeup centered group, or one for models/photographers.

4. Go to events

You could set up a booth at local events to sell your products, or just go to networking events and spread the word about what you do!

Going unnoticed really stinks. Use these tips and start getting the shine you deserve!


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