How to Work With Bloggers As An Online Shop Owner


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In case you missed it I held my very first webinar! It was kind of sloppy at first because I was nervous and a tad bit tech-illiterate but I got it together eventually! Anyway one topic that I covered during the webinar was working with bloggers as an online shop owner. Bloggers are influencers, taste makers, business owners and they spend a whoooole lot of time growing the audiences that you want to reach. That’s why I made it a point to reach out to bloggers before launching my online shop. I wanted their nods of approval before anything else!

So just how do you find, approach and eventually work with bloggers who will help spread the word about your awesome items? Here’s how:


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Make a hit list

Ok, so this sounds kind of morbid but I don’t mean hit list in the mafia sense. Rather, make a spreadsheet of your ideal bloggers with columns for the blog’s url, the blogger’s name, email, and a short blurb about them (ie, “her favorite color is pink!”). Don’t just add any blogger you stumble upon, make sure that your product aligns with that blogger’s brand.

I like to work partner with shops that understand my brand and my style.

-Aisha from Nappy Natural Girl

Being a blogger myself, I already have a ton of bloggers in my network, but if you don’t know of any, just search for brands that are similar to yours in Google and add “blog” or “bloggers” or “review” after it. For example, if your business would compliment people who like Forever 21, search “Forever 21 blogger” and you’ll find a bunch of bloggers wearing the brand! To me, that’s the easiest way to find bloggers who match your aesthetic.

Interact on Social Media

Follow your ideal bloggers on social media and interact with them! Like their posts, comment when they ask questions and just be a part of their community. That way when you finally approach them they’ll recognize you…or they may even pitch to you first!

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Craft your pitch

Make sure your pitch is personalized and use the blogger’s name. Their correct name. 

I am ALWAYS turned off when PR reps send me a “personalized” email using someone else’s NAME. [insert awkward feeling here].

-Marcia from Cia Says

Do your research. Find out what the blogger likes and tell them why they’d like your product. Also let them know what they’ll be gaining by working for you. They’re introducing you to a whole new audience. What are you going to do for them? And no this doesn’t always mean money. As a small business owner sometimes it’s just not plausible to drop $200 on a post. I know I can’t. So offer something else that’s just as valuable!

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Maybe you can give them free product and a discount code for their readers or collaborate on a giveaway. Get creative, and make sure to focus on why the collaboration would be awesome for them. Remember, bloggers are also business owners, so take them seriously.

When approaching a blogger take him/her seriously because bloggers know how to harnest the trust of communities.

-Laura B at

And hey, if they don’t write you back it’s no big deal. Maybe your product just isn’t the right fit for them at the time. You’ll eventually find a match made in blogger heaven! And the more bloggers you work with, the easier and easier it’ll get!

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What do you think of these tips? Are YOU a blogger? Drop some of the best of worst pitches you’ve ever received below!

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