How I’m Building Anticipation For My Online Shop

building anticipation

When I opened up my first e-commerce shop, I just…opened it. I quickly built a website, photographed some pieces and threw it out into the interwebs with my fingers crossed. Luckily, I had already built an online community through fashion blogging, and my blog buddies were happy to spread the word about my shop! Had I not had that community I would have struggled to make sales.

Don’t just build a shop and toss it out into the gaping black hole that is the internet. No one will buy from you if they don’t know who you are, and it takes time to build up rapport with people. So, while you’re building your online boutique why not also build up some anticipation and trust? If you need some ideas, here’s how I’m building anticipation for my future online shop!

Creating a Presence on Social Media

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I have a Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram account for my new online shop. No, I don’t plan on using every single one, but I know that having an established presence online will give me some credibility before I launch. That way when people stumble upon my fresh new shop they won’t check me out on social media only to find nothing there.

Taking and Sharing High Quality Photos

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High quality photos are super important when selling online! You want your products to look as enticing as possible since customers don’t have the luxury of touching and feeling your pieces. Take photos of your products from different angles and drop behind-the-scenes sneak peeks.

Sending Previews to Bloggers

abc boxes 2

I decided to send out 6 preview boxes for bloggers to review. Not only is this a great way to get feedback, but having a blogger’s co-sign can do wonders for your business. Bloggers can help you build buzz online and get your product right in front of your target customers!

abc boxes 3

Recording a Preview Video

I decided to make a video for my Youtube channel, showcasing my packaging a few of the products I’ll be selling. I want to eventually make a more branded video look book which I may or may not shoot by myself!

Are you building an online business? How are you building up buzz before your big launch? Leave a comment down below!


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