How I Used My Own Course To Make $600 in Sales 9 weeks After Opening

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Adorned By Chi has been open for a little over 9 weeks now and things have been going great! Because I don’t necessarily sell “must have” trendy items (my shop is catered to a certain niche), I was expecting the first few months to be sloooow sale-wise as I build my brand, find my target customer, and gain trust. Well, things have been moving along a LOT faster than expected. If you’re on my mailing list or subscribe to my Youtube channel, you already know I’ve been selling out of certain items faster than I can restock them. Thanks to the Holiday season, and being featured on sites like Quirky Brown Love, Soul Train, and more, I’ve even had to open up pre-orders. I’m so excited and super grateful!

On my end, I made sure to follow my course, Build-a-Boutique and my online shop marketing e-book, to a T. That included getting my branding right, working with bloggers, and having great customer service. Want to know all the details? Read on!

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I learned my lesson

I built my course after running my own online shop, Shop Lioness, for two years. What started as a fun way to make money in college turned into a full fledged business! But although I was selling products every day, it wasn’t quite right. My branding was all over the place, and I had no idea what I wanted my shop’s identity to be. Now after starting all over and following the lessons I’ve learned, I have an even better shop.

I built a following before I was open, and launched before I was ready

When I opened Shop Lioness, I just opened it. No planning, no announcements, nothing. This time around, I told everyone and their mama that Adorned By Chi was coming, and that it would be super cute! I created social media accounts, and started posting even when I had no product. And then? I opened before I was even close to ready. I knew if I kept waiting for it to be totally perfect I’d never go through with it. Sometimes you have to hold your breath and just go. Start where you are, and then grow from there!

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Lesson: Because I built up a social media following on Instagram, Tumblr, and through this blog, I was able to launch to an eager audience instead of crickets.

I used creative ways to market my business

I didn’t just post on social media hoping someone would find me. I shared in Facebook groups, on this blog, I hosted a webinar, threw a tea party, sponsored events, worked with bloggers and more! If you’re really trying to sell online you have to hustle and think outside of the box. Want some more marketing ideas? Check out 63 Ways To Market Your Online Shop.

I was featured on different sites

This season I’ve been featured in various Holiday Gift Guides and I couldn’t be more grateful! Thanks to Quirky Brown Love, Shanita Hubbard at Soul Train, The City Influencer, Afro Arts, and The Young Mommy Life. My apologies to any I may have missed!

I made sure the customer experience was top notch

You know what’s more important than customers? Return customers! That’s why I make sure my packaging and customer service are top notch. Without customers you have no business, so you need to make sure above all else that they’re happy!

It’s been such a great season for Adorned By Chi and I know things can only go up from here. For now though, I have orders to make and ship! Are you interested in e-commerce or do you already sell online but need some help getting things off the ground? Build-a-Boutique is the course for you. Not only do I share lessons, but I also share a list of reputable wholesalers and manufacturers. It’s definitely worth the investment. I should know, I used it..ha!

Do you sell online? What have you learned while peddling wares on the internet? Share your stories below!


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