Free and affordable resources for online shop owners

online shop owner

You’ve probably noticed that affordability and frugality are running themes on this blog. What can I say? I’m cheap!

Because I know there are so many young women out there searching for effective yet inexpensive ways to run their businesses, I’ve put together a list of free and affordable resources for online boutique owners. (PS. I’ve used some of these myself). Enjoy!:

For E-commerce:

OlarkFree live chat for customers


How to take your own product photos on a budget! (Free)

Umbrella lights kit

Studio lighting kit with backdrops

Free product photography course

Free tutorial: How to set up a lighting kit for less than $100

GimpFree photo-editing software (similar to Photoshop)

FotofuzeFree photo-editing for Etsy shops


Clear poly bags (for clothing, art, etc)

Unique shipping mailers, boxes, and envelopes

Free shipping supplies

Tagging gun and fasteners

Custom hang tags

Make your own custom sew on tags with printable fabric sheets


Wave Apps – Free bookkeeping



Social Media tips & strategy (Free)

CanvaFree design web-based app (for social media images)

PicMonkeyFree design web-based app (for social media images)

RefersionFree referral/affiliate program app


Tips: Never run out of blog content again (Free)

Tips: How to create compelling content that actually gets shared (Free)

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