E-Commerce Hack: Smooth Out Wrinkled Clothing Using Photoshop

smooth wirinkled clothing in photoshop

One of the biggest no-no’s when it comes to product photos is wrinkled clothing. It’s a major eye sore and takes away from the beauty of the piece. It’s also one of my most prevalent and annoying problems! Taking my own product photos means lots of movement, and movement means wrinkles. Nothing is more frustrating than spending hours on end taking photos, only to notice later that none of them are usable.


As a small business owner I don’t have the time or money to re-do photo shoots gone wrong and I hate seeing images go to waste! That’s why photo editing is an important skill to have. When you goof up, you can take to Photoshop to right your wrongs. Take the image below for example:

before and after

The image on the left was straight out of the camera. As you can see, it’s a bit too dark and the romper I’m modeling is super wrinkled. On the right I’ve brightened the photo and edited away most of the wrinkles using Photoshop’s patch tool, which you’ll find under the spot healing brush.

patch tool

Using the patch tool, draw a small circle around a single wrinkle, then pull the circle out into a patch that isn’t wrinkled. The tool will smooth out the wrinkled area while maintaining the lighting on the garment.

Untitled Screencast - Edited (2)

While my final product wasn’t perfect, it was better than the original. I was left with a nice smooth romper and a great product image to use on Adorned by Chi!

bubble gum princess3

In the comments let me know if wrinkled clothing is also the bane of your existence! Because it surely is mine!

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