Adorned By Chi is Open For Business!

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My new online shop, Adorned By Chi, is finally open! This time around, instead of vintage clothing, I’m selling whimsical statement pieces that can be used for photo shoots, weddings, festivals, garden parties, etc. Once again I created the shop by myself, took photos of myself by myself, and now I even make 90% of the items by hand.

flower crown white

I naturally gravitate towards going it alone, not because I’m not a team player, but just because I’m shy and I hate asking for help! Ha. But I did get some boxes sent out to bloggers so I’d have photos of other lovely ladies wearing my pieces. Check out the blogger gallery and oo and ahh at their pretty faces..and there’s more to come!


Taniqua Russ wearing our Pom Pom Ear Headband

And while you’re on the site, peep the mini look book that I shot in Greenwich Village (NY)!


Well, my boyfriend shot it not me…but I made him do it so same thing, right?

Anyway, I love this shop. Can I say that? It’s just that this one is totally me. No more trying to pander to what’s universally accepted and liked. I learned that lesson already. Now I’m telling a specific and unique story with my shop, and it represents who I am wayyy more than Shop Lioness ever did.


For those who know me personally, you know my penchant for animated Disney movies, fairy tales, and general cutesy stuff. So as I was building my shop, I tried to create a sort of grown up fairy tale type of look through my choice of font, products, and styling. All while sticking to my mood board of course.

flower crown sunflower While I don’t have as many options as I would have liked, each product has multiples, so I actually have plenty of stock to hold me over as I add more and more and moreeeee!

Do you see anything you’d like? Take 15% off your entire order until October 1st 2015 by using the code “JOAT”. (PS I’m holding a contest on Instagram!)

What do you think of the shop? Let me know down below, I’m always open to suggestions! xoxo


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