I rang in the new year with the chance to test drive this awesome Mitsubishi Outlander and a new perspective on the way I plan to operate in life and business.

First off I have to say this car is big and beautiful- how I’m trying to live life! From now on I want to stop shrinking and doubting myself and think big.  I also want to live beautifully, with good intentions, making sure I align myself with my spirituality in more ways.

Told ya’ll this car was big! The inside was super spacious, perfect for carrying groceries and also friends if I, you know, had any- ha!

This car also had awesome features that I honestly don’t know the technical terms for, but I will try and describe them because they were too good! When I pressed my brake, the brake stayed put without me needing to keep my foot on the pedal. I was mind blown! That means I could give my little ankle a rest from time to time, ha.

Of course, it also had cameras for better parking, along with being push to start and all the cool newfangled things that are in shiny new cars these days. I loved this car!

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One thought on “Starting Fresh with Mitsubishi

  1. Hey Jacque! I chuckled at “perfect for carry groceries”. A brake that stays put sounds great. I know there are days that feature would come in handy.

    Posted on March 28, 2018 at 10:10 am