Getting to know: Vivian of KinkyCurlyYaki

Vivian K

Vivian K. holding a Mean Muggin’ Mug!

In 2012 Vivian K. launched KinkyCurlyYaki– your ultimate online source for natural textured extensions! Just three years later, Vivian is doing what she loves full time, and on her own time. Luckily I was able to sit and chat with the “Queen of Kank” herself to learn more about how she grew KinkyCurlyYaki to the powerhouse it is, and what she plans on doing next.

So how did KinkyCurlyYaki get it’s start? Well, Vivian was tired of seeing “African in the front and Indian in the back” when it came to silky wigs and weaves that didn’t match her kinky locks. After some searching she finally found a vendor that sold the tight curls she was after, and the people around her took notice. She was constantly complimented about her hair and watched as jaws dropped when she revealed they were extensions aka weave. The compliments turned into questions of “where can I buy that??” and she knew she had a business on her hands![pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]The compliments turned into questions of “where can I buy that??” and she knew she had a business on her hands![/pullquote]

In 2012 Vivian launched KinkyCurlyYaki and business immediately skyrocketed! KCY was so successful that her other business (decorating weddings) took a backseat to providing natural haired ladies with the kinky curly hair of their dreams.


Celebrity hairstylist Suzy aka African Creature wearing KinkyCurlyYaki hair

So what’s next for Vivian? Well, she’s got something awesome in store for you guys! She gave me the inside scoop on two brand new textures that she’ll be releasing by next year: Afro Curly and Deep Curl. Vivian is leaving no kinky texture behind and strives to provide all-inclusive options for her customers!

When it comes to advice for future lady-preneurs Vivian says, “If there’s something you see that’s missing, you can fill that gap.”

Great advice, thanks Vivian!

Want to see more from the Queen of Kank? Check out KinkyCurlyYaki and follow @kinkycurlyyaki on Instagram!

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