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With cheekbones for days and a knack for rocking a bold lip, That It Girl‘s Maisha is definitely a beauty blogger you need to know! Don’t believe me? You could always ask one of her 8,000+ subscribers on Youtube! I was able to catch up with Maisha and ask her all about blogging, vlogging and more!

Hi Maisha! Can you please let us know where you’re from and what you do?

I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri by a Nigerian dad and American mom.  I graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia and I currently reside in Houston, Texas where I work full-time as a Registered Nurse at a cancer center.  When I’m not at work, I dedicate the rest of my time to running and building

That It Girl is the ultimate lifestyle site for everything fab! What inspired you to log in and publish your first post?

For as long as I can remember my passion for makeup, skin care, and other cosmetics has always been a huge part of my personality.  So much that my friends and family came to count on my beauty advice and product recommendations.  I figured that if those close to me had questions about applying eyeshadow or picking out the perfect red lipstick then so did other women thus giving me the motivation and steam to create

My goal for That IT Girl is not only to become a comprehensive beauty resource but to also serve as a way for women to experience and share the finer more gorgeous aspects of life.

Along with your blog, you also have a beauty channel on Youtube. Is the transition from blogger to vlogger an easy one or is being on camera something you had to get used to?

Choosing to vlog definitely took some getting used too. Making videos, good videos, is a time consuming yet rewarding process that requires the right lighting, the right music and the right editing.  It takes 30-60 minutes worth of footage for me to get a 3 minute video that I love enough to post online because I am so particular about the quality of my videos. While filming I literally feel like I’m talking to myself and not my loyal subscribers and I always have to remind myself to look & speak into the camera.

It’s obvious that you have a thing for beauty products! Which product is your current fave and why?

I seriously cannot live without Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, MAC concealers, Stila Stay All Day Longwear liquid lipstick in Fiery, and NARS blush in ANY color.

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Blogging is hard work! What motivates you to keep up with your blog/channel?

I have blogged off and on for a few years now and what motivates me to keep going, especially after a long break, are those readers who send me letters of appreciation, or those who leave comments on my videos telling me that they miss me. These love notes make my day.

What advice would you give other young ladies looking to start their own blogs?

I would tell anybody who wants to start their own blog to be yourself and just do it!  Yes, you want to make sure you focus on creating dynamic content, taking high quality photos and learning basic HTML & CSS, but the true draw of your blog is going to be you, your voice, and your perspective.

And lastly, name something you absolutely love about yourself!

I love the fact that I am able to get along with people from different backgrounds.  Being a nurse has definitely brought me out of my shell where I am able to have conversations with the unlikeliest of characters without batting a lash. That and I have some pretty big & dark eyes. LOL!

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Thanks Maisha, you’re awesome!

Want to catch up with Maisha? Check out her blog, Youtube channel, and Instagram!


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