Getting to Know: Essence Murjani Jewelry

Black girl magic necklace

When I saw the 14 kt gold-filled “Black Girl Magic” necklace above on Facebook I literally stopped in my tracks and thought “I have to have that!”. I had never seen a luxury piece of jewelry with a message that resonated with me. And I didn’t know what I was missing until I laid eyes on it!

So who’s the mastermind behind this piece boldly declaring the power of Black women? Essence Murjani. Luckily I was able to interview Essence about her jewelry, her message, and the obstacles that come with selling a high quality hand made item:

Hi Essence! Can you tell us where you’re from and what you do?

Hey Jacque!! I’m from Bronx, New York and I’m the owner of EssenceMurjani Jewelry, a company that was birthed from my love of jewelry and has transformed to luxe handmade pieces that make a statement.

What inspired you to start creating jewelry?

My bank statements made me to start creating my own. I’d see so many pieces that I wanted but I couldn’t afford to buy every single piece. I figured why not try to create what Id want to wear and the rest was history. I’m also making pieces that I would want to wear, but didn’t see being sold.

essence murjani

Essence Murjani

You sell beautiful 14 kt gold-filled jewelry. How hard is it selling a luxury product as opposed to something that you can find at a fast fashion store?

It’s a bit challenging because people are used to pieces that look expensive, but are made of lesser quality materials and cost very little. Some don’t realize that they’re just buying the look and not the quality. There is a market for everything and when selling luxury products, you HAVE to make sure you’re reaching those who see the value in your work and who have no problem investing in a piece that will last them.

I love the message in your pieces. Can you explain the meaning behind them?

Thank You. I see a lot of custom jewelry being sold but I never felt drawn to any of them. None of them represented or resonated with me. Many of the phrases were very cliché and generic which is fine but I wanted something that I could wear that empowered me, and others that look like me. I love making pieces that make people feel like were created just for THEM. Everyone should feel represented.

the creative necklace

And lastly, what’s one thing you love about yourself?

I love my growth and creative mind, I love that I am not afraid to try whatever ideas comes across this busy mind. Even if I don’t stick with it forever, I tried it. What do I have to lose? With trying comes experience and new wisdom. What I learned could very well be the lesson that I needed to prepare me for something greater to come.


Thanks Essence! I absolutely adore your pieces! Want to catch up with Essence and see more of her jewelry? Visit her site!

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