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Chicnaturalistas 1Brittany, left, and Dayna, right.

What do you get when you mix style with fierce natural hair? CHICNaturalistas of course. Created in April of 2014 by two entrepreneurial minded women, Dayna and Brittany, CHICNaturalistas is an Instagram page that highlights stylish, natural haired women. If that’s not enough to warrant a click on their follow button, after only 8 months the page boasts almost 13,000 followers! I was very lucky to get the chance to pick the duo’s brains and find out what makes them, and their amazing page, tick:

What inspired you to start CHICNaturalistas?

Dayna: Well Brittany and I had always wanted to start an online boutique. We initially set out to start that boutique and that was our first goal. But one day, in April 2014, I was dressed super cute, curls were on point, and I thought to myself “Man I wish there was an Instagram page where fashionable naturals can share their style!” I thought of this because all of the Natural pages that we followed mainly focused on the hair. So I instantly thought of the idea of CHICNaturalistas! I ran the idea by Britt and she was on board and we immediately went to work!

Our first thought was that if we built this large following and fan base of natural stylish women, we could eventually promote our boutique/clothing line. CHICNaturalistas grew so fast that our focus slowly changed. We then focused on building a blog so that we can elaborate on what we share on Instagram. Our blog shares fashion inspiration and our natural hair journey. We also love to spotlight other women in our CHIC of the Week segment where we select one of our followers and showcase their style and natural hair journey! Another main section to our blog is CHIC Biz spotlight! There are a ton of small businesses out there that we think are awesome, so we spotlight them on our page as well. [pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]All in all, CHICNaturalistas is a platform created for CHIC, stylish women! Whether you are natural or not, you will love our page.[/pullquote]

You just created the page last April and have quite the following! What is your strategy for reaching followers, if any?

Brittany: We definitely have a strategy, and our strategy is sharing looks that we love on our Instagram page. We are both into fashion, so we really try to showcase styles that we absolutely LOVE and that we know our followers will love as well. We believe this is why we grew so fast. Naturalistas know that they can come to our page and get great fashion and hair inspiration at any point in the day.


Do you think having a positive message (like promoting the beauty of natural hair through fashion) is important for promoting yourself/business via social media?

We think this is super important. Natural hair is still not the popular style of choice amongst black women. Although it may seem like it is a “movement” right now, natural hair is still not the norm. So by us promoting that natural women can be stylish, chic and classy, it changes the stereotypical image of what natural is. Also by promoting this on our Instagram, it is ultimately promoting and building our brand. [pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]We want CHICNaturalistas to become a common household term when one sees a trendy fashionable natural woman![/pullquote]

How would you describe your personal styles?

Dayna: I would have to say that my personal style is effortless, polished and of course CHIC. I never want to look like I tried hard to put something together, so effortless is key for me. I would say my favorite staple piece is a pair of trouser pants. These are just so classy and CHIC, I own at least one pair in every color!

Brittany: It’s hard for me to define my style because it varies depending on how I feel that day. Every day is like a blank canvas for me! Lately I have been embracing my casual chic looks. I love to go for a CHIC and edgy look when I go out for a night on the town though! Also my staple, favorite piece is a nice white button down shirt! I live for them.

Who are your fashion-inspirations?

We both really love Rihanna and Solange’s style right now. These ladies are definitely our favs. We also draw our fashion inspiration honestly from CHICNaturalistas. We love seeing our fellow Naturalistas everyday on our timeline, and in someway every CHIC Naturalista that we post inspire us.


Any advice for any other ladies thinking of starting their own style or natural hair inspired page?

We would say be unique and original. We think that’s the key. Find something that you’e passionate about and do it to the best of your ability. Stay true to your brand, and to yourself.

And lastly, what do you love most about yourself 🙂

Dayna: This is such a awesome question because I never thought about this before, but I would definitely have to say my passion and drive is super crazy and I love this about myself. I have always been a hard worker. When I’m passionate about something, and want to do well, I’m so focused, and I work so hard so that I can be that. I was an athlete all of my life, so I developed a really tough work ethic.

Brittany: I would definitely have to say my personality! I’m very outgoing and I’ve always enjoyed meeting new people. I’m adventurous and I love to travel as well. My travels have taught me a lot and even brought me to my fiancé!

Dayna and Brittany are definitely THE chicest naturalistas I’ve seen! Want more fashion inspiration? Follow their page and peruse all the stylish photos, and don’t forget to check out their blog as well!


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