Getting to know: Aasiyah of AleroJasmine


Pieces from AleroJasmine

I found 20 year old Aasiyah’s fierce shop AleroJasmine while doing my usual creeping on Twitter. Her product photos were so captivating I literally dropped everything I was doing (creeping) to find out where I could get my hands on her printed sets. Luckily, I found the site and was able to pick the brain of the lady behind these amazing designs.

Hi Aasiyah! Please tell us where you’re from and what you do.

Hello 😊, I’m a British-Nigerian. I’m a full time student and I make clothes too.

What do you study and what led you to creating these lovely handmade pieces?

I study Geography which is one of my passions, another is making things, I’m really into DIY. People started noticing clothing I made for myself so I decided to make something out of that.


The girl behind the brand

How do you find time to create, photograph and sell your pieces?

I have to be organised. I can’t live without my to-do-list which helps organize my thoughts and my day.

I’m loving your furry crop tops! What’s the inspiration behind your designs?

Thank you so much! I was fabric shopping one day and I couldn’t stop feeling it! I wanted to appeal to more people and did not want my AleroJasmine to be known for one thing, I wanted it to be versatile which reflects more of my personal style.


What’s the toughest part about running a business alone?

No sick days 🙁

How important is social media to your business?

It is everything. Tumblr and Instagram play a huge role in getting ‘AleroJasmine’ out there.

What advice would you give to other young ladies looking to sell online?

Stay focused on what you want to do. Listen to and act on constructive criticism but don’t always be swayed.

Great advice Aasiyah! And I have some more advice for you guys. If you like fierce images of women in amazing prints, follow AleroJasmine on Instagram!

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