Yatir Clothing: ‘The Bloom’ Collection

image3I’ve got a soft spot for plus size clothing line Yatir clothing, and not just because the owner Joi L. has taken my course, but because I’ve watched her evolve through the years from cool t-shirts, to unique handmade pieces (and she still has cool t-shirts too!). Seriously I’ve known of this girl since my Tumblr days (which we won’t speak of haha) and her passion is inspiring.

Anyway, I always stress the importance of shooting and sharing a lookbook. Why? Because when it’s done right you’re able to properly communicate your brand to your target audience. Like Yatir has done with their new ‘The Bloom’ collection. Take a look at the pics below, and read on to see what inspired the collection.


Joi on what inspired her collection:

I knew for this collection that I wanted it to be a mix of girly girl and tomboy, and I wanted it to be colorful! I always pick my fabrics first before doing anything else, and then from there I come up with designs based on the fabrics, colors, and patterns. So my main inspiration came from the fabrics I picked.

image1 image5

Join on what inspired her lookbook:

My theme for the shoot/lookbook was inspired by Wale, he has a song called “The Bloom” which is pretty much an ode to the ambitious girl. He’s telling her to be free, live life and not worry about others and what they have to say, stay true to herself, he’s telling her to bloom into the woman that she truly is. So that was my inspiration for the name of this collection as well as the lookbook because this collection is symbolic of my brand blooming into what I knew all along it could be, it took some time, failures, self doubt, but it’s finally blooming and it’s a beautiful thing.


Like what you see? Shop ‘The Bloom’ collection now at Yatir Clothing!

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