Taking Business Offline With Kia

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It’s weird seeing a photo of me outside huh?

As bloggers and online business owners it’s easy to feel tethered to your computer, constantly tweaking and improving your online presence. While increasing Facebook reach and Instagram likes is nice, the fastest way to grow is through real relationships and collaborations. I love making friends online, but relationships become instantly more meaningful when you’ve spent some time talking and connecting face to face. And as an online shop owner you kind of have to travel to stock your store and attend events! That’s why I recently took a trip to NY (well, I’m actually still here). I’m determined to wiggle out of my comfort zone and meet new friends and contacts!

Lucky for me, I was able to test drive the 2016 Kia Sorento during my stay and let me tell you, this car is awesome! All of its safety features have made for a stress-free trip thus far.

jacque kia 4The car has a built in GPS, as well as cameras that aid you in parking. As someone who stresses like crazy over parallel parking this was a great feature! The Sorento also beeps when you drift out of your lane or get too close to other cars, which was much needed. (Hey I never said I was the best driver! Ha.) And let’s not forget the heated and cooled seats, endless radio stations, and more!

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The car is also deceptively large and seats SEVEN people. So you can drive all your new friends all around the city!

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I was provided a week long test drive experience by Kia and Driveshop, and of course all opinions are my own. I would seriously buy this car in a heartbeat!

Do you travel for business? Tell me about your last trip down below!

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