Write it out: Turn goals into reality through journaling

JOURNALINGIf you’re like me, you probably have a million and one thoughts swirling around your head at any given moment:

“It’d be sooo cool to do this!”

“Ok, that was a great lesson..”

But do you know what happens to all those genius thoughts after a while? You either forget them, or they become so complicated that you give up before you’ve even started. That’s why it’s so important to write those precious thoughts of yours down. Don’t believe me? Well, here are some examples from my own journal:


A while ago I was a point where I had a lot of dreams, but not a lot of drive. Because I’m not someone who can sit on ideas for very long this phase was pretty short-lived, and it ended with me heading over to Target to buy a brand new journal! I knew by writing down what I wanted to do, I’d have a better sense of how and when I would achieve my goals.

DSC_0674The first thing I wrote down was a list of dreams I had for my life. You can see some above, like start another business (which I’ve done!) but I also have things like “be creative every day” and “teach people to be better than you”.

I haven’t looked at this list in months but I’ve been subconsciously gravitating towards these goals just because I sorted through everything in my head, and wrote it all down. And now that I’m revisiting the list I have even more ideas for making these dreams a reality!


I also use my journal to jot down lessons I learn each day like “when asking for something, always offer something and show your value to the other person”, and the one you see above: “under promise, and over deliver”.

I think every day is another opportunity to learn and grow, so maximize those opportunities by writing down what you’ve learned and putting them into practice!


Journals are also a great way to take a massive task like “create another business” and break it down into small, bite size pieces that you can easily accomplish. I should know. That’s how I planned and finished Build-A-Boutique!

Journal, I don’t know how I’d have done it without ya.

Well, now that I’ve let you in on the secret of journaling, go forth and make thine dreams come true!



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