“I’m Lonely” and Other Things People Who Work From Home Won’t Admit

work from home

Whenever I tell people that I’m able to work from home they usually always respond with a “Ugh! You’re so lucky!”. But in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “this isn’t that great!”. Don’t get me wrong. I love being able to wake up and get straight to work without fussing over my hair or doing my eyebrows. I also love not having to deal with office politics and playing guessing games with people’s emotions. I get to work, and I mean really work, without all the social distractions. That part is awesome! And that’s usually what people who work from home will tell you…..but there are a few other factors that aren’t so great, so consider this before making the switch from cubicle to home office.

I’ve let myself go

I wake up, brush my teeth, and get straight to work! I don’t bother looking cute anymore because no one sees me. That means I spend my days roaming my house in my pink Hello Kitty pajama pants with my hair tied in a scarf. You’re probably reading this thinking “what’s the problem?”. But I’m someone who likes getting dressed up and dolled up. It’s fun to play with my makeup and wear themed outfits but there’s no point if no one sees you!


You can call me shallow on this one. I’ll take it. Just this once!

I work more

Now that I’m home, I work from the moment I open my eyes until I pass out in front of my open laptop at night. When you work from home there’s no “leaving the office” because your home is your office, so the work/life balance gets blurred. I don’t mind this so much because I’m an internet busy-body always looking for something new to do, but it does get tiring.


I’m lonely

No I don’t live alone. But I find myself home alone more often than not. I’m two states away from my family and friends, and a four hour plane ride away from my boyfriend. I don’t have kids or a dog or a husband so, as you can imagine, I get extremely lonely. That’s why I’m so active online. When there’s no one there to talk to, and I mean right there, it’s so easy for your thoughts to wander and spiral into a tornado of sadness.


Well, at least it is for me. So I need to interact with people somehow!

Working from home definitely isn’t awful, but it’s not all roses either and I just want to shine a little bit of truth on the glamorization of it all. If you’re someone who gets painfully lonely, or you’re an extrovert, or you get motivation from people around you consider some of the downsides and see if it’s something you can handle.

Do you work from home? What are some pros and cons that I missed?

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  • I totally admire people that work from home. I know that if I take a day off from work and stay home that I seriously don’t do anything. Being at home for work would be so hard, I would stray to Facebook and Instagram and games on my laptop.

  • I’m so glad you said this! I know a few people with similar struggles. As an introvert, I wouldn’t mind being to myself, but a little bit of socialization wouldn’t hurt.

    When I make the switch to working for myself I’ll probably visit a coffee shop or co-working space one or two days out of the week so that I don’t forget what meeting new people is like!! Lol being done with college, meeting new people is hard enough!

  • This is so true. I love the ability to work from home, but it does get lonely. I think it’s better if I worked remotely in a different space so I don’t get so bored. Some people go to the library or coffee shop for an hour or two just for the environment change.

  • I found this article to be so honest and open! I work from home around 3 days a week sometimes more depending on my schedule and mood and while it has its perks I agree… I GET SO LONELY!!! (cue Janet) I’ve started having morning rituals to put me in a good mood and I also making lunch dates with friends, or working from a coffee shop to get a change of scenery. I also make it a promise that if I work from home on Friday, I’ll go to Happy Hour and get dressed like I haven’t been sitting at home all day 🙂 Maybe try taking a mid-day exercise class as well! Good luck!

    • Love the Janet Jackson reference..ha! And those are great suggestions Sydney, I think I’ll sign up for a yoga class. Fingers crossed that I actually go! lol

  • I can totally relate on the feeling lonely part! And being distracted at times – which I try to remedy with a clean desk but it’s not always the case haha. Loved this post!

  • I totally understand the feeling of working nonstop, with no conscious decisions to take breaks especially when working from home. I worked from home yesterday and thought of your blog post. I had to take a walk just to get myself out of the house for a moment.

  • I used to work from home and miss it, but you are right. There are pros and cons for both. I learned to structure my day to increase productivity. This includes clear times for breaks. A lunch break is a must when I work from home because breaks facilitate creativity and productivity. They keep me from working 10-12 straight hours if I am not careful. I also have a clear cutoff time whether I work from home or not. Otherwise, I had trouble disconnecting, which disrupted my sleep patterns. I became so good at disconnecting that when I returned to working in an office I easily disconnected when I left work. That was on of the best things I took back to working in an office. My days are theirs; my evenings are mine.

    • Yes! My sleep is wrecked and you’ve just pinpointed why…I never unplug. Thanks Dawn! And yes I agree that the structure of working in an office was definitely a huge pro!

  • Such a real article Jacque! One thing I started doing early on is having regular coffee dates with other designers/ladies who work at home. It keeps me from being bored and allows some time to get away from the computer.

  • I work from home, but luckily my husband also works from home. We always make sure to look good and dress up in the morning.

    It’s important to make a schedule and stick to it. If you find out hard to get things done at home, go to a coffee shop. We do that sometimes too!

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Okay first off, first gif is from PRINCESS JELLYFISH!! Loved that anime! That was the moment when a jellyfish-inspired dress was created! Haha okay, done geeking-out lol.

    And yes to all of this! I stay at home because I have to help my mom, so I’ve been blogging at home, and staying at home most days during the week. Everything you said is true! I’m trying to be more conscious about walking around ALL day in my scarf and PJs, and want to change that so it’ll change my mindset a little.

  • You forgot about the pro of no commute!!! That’s like my favorite part haha. You’re totally right though, it’s not perfect. My husband and I both work from home so I don’t have the loneliness aspect but sometimes I’m like “good gravy I need some alone time” lol. Just goes to show there are pros and cons to literally every situation.

    • Omg yesss not having to go to work everyday is definitely awesome haha! But that’s awesome that you both work from home! I can see how you’d need some alone time from time to time.

  • I’ve worked from home for 3 years and go through periods of loneliness. One thing I’ve noticed is so out of touch I’ve become with fashion and my acceptance of how I look without makeup! It is scary:) These are all great ideas to cope with being home all day.