I Don’t Want to be a “Jacque of All Trades” Anymore!

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If you’ve been reading my blog since I’ve started it last year then you know I do a lot of stuff. I went to Korea and started a blog about Korea where I interviewed a celebrity, and I maintain a Black in Korea Facebook group. I started my own social media marketing-turned consultation/design business. I’m currently 14,000 words into a fiction novel that I plan on self-publishing (I already have the cover designed and I’m so excited for this!). I’ve hosted events, and I also own an online shop.

What do these things have in common? Not much. And that’s a problem!

Last year I was told that you can’t do it all, and I set out to prove that you can. But just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should, especially if your goal is to earn money. What happens is you say “yes” to too many tasks and end up dropping the ball, or two, or three. I want whatever I do to be done with excellence, as Jessica Chinyelu once told me, and that’s not possible if I’m running seven-‘leven businesses all on my own. Doing too much leads to burn out, depression, and sets the scene for failure.

Note: An example of this is my failed subscription service. Had I put my all into it, who knows what would have come of it. 

So, while my blog title is staying the same (I don’t feel like creating a new logo ha!), the way I handle my blog and business will be changing. Here’s how:

Set a Goal

I  need to set an ultimate goal. Who do I want to help? How do I want to help them? What do I want to be known for? For example, when I’m confused about financial issues, I seek out LaTisha Styles of Young Finances. When I needed interior design inspo I stalked Whitney J. Decor.

Make a Plan and Build What Works

Once I’ve narrowed down my goal, I’ll sit down and create a plan on how to best reach that goal. This will include dropping the things that don’t fit, which will be pretty hard for me but will be great in the long run. While I love learning and trying new things, I can learn new skills as a hobby!

Get a Job

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That’s right. I’m self employed, I escaped “the grind” and I want to get a job. I’m not a fan of frontin’. If I’m dropping certain avenues of income, I will need to replace that income and the quickest way is with a job. Sometimes I feel like there’s a negative cloud around working for someone else but one thing I learned is, even if you have a business you are serving people. You’re making sure things go smoothly and that people are happy. Sounds like a job no? I will miss the freedom though!

Build and Grow

Once I’ve narrowed down my goal and the steps to reach that goal it’s time to grow! With a new job (fingers crossed) I’ll be able to invest more into my business and with less tasks I can focus more on what matters.

Stick to My Brand

Read: Why (Good) Branding Should Make You Lazy


There will come a time where I’ll hit a wall, and at that time I will delegate tasks rather than try and handle everything on my own, which is what I’m currently doing. Even something as simple as hiring someone to read and respond to emails would help immensely.

These steps aren’t just for me. If you’re also suffering from Jack of All Trades syndrome, you can learn from me and use these tips to make your life a bit less hectic. Want to help me improve and better serve you? Please take a few seconds and fill out the survey below. And as a gift to say thank you, here’s the template I use to plan my Life Goals!

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  • I can totally relate to this! Last year I became a sorts of Jill of all trades and didn’t even realize it. I did it with my audience and with the services I offered. I was successful, and sorta enjoyed what I was doing, but I have a different perspective on my love and talent of lots of things.

    Now I’m simplifying, creating a plan and making sure that all of it aligns with my goal to serve a specific person offline and online.

    Ps. I also work full time and operate my business full time (by the number of clients I hold) and wouldn’t as of right now trade it for the world. It’s a necessary thing for my life and responsibilities and I don’t plan to stop working anytime soon.

    • Simplifying is always a good thing but so hard when you have so many interests and talents! And there’s nothing wrong with working while working if you can handle it..more money, and more experience!

  • Yes, I love this! As a Gemini it’s so hard to get away from having my hand in each pot. Multitasking sucks, lowkey. I’ve been letting Mercury’s Retrograde do its thing and I’ve come to the same conclusion. Focus and build singularly or within a certain number. Less than 3. Because, having your mind and creative flow all over the place is just not productive. great post Jacque!