3 ways to connect with local businesses (for future partnerships)


Preface by Jacque: Today, I’m happy to share an amazing guest post from fashion blogger Buki Peters! Want to know how to partner with local businesses? Read on and take notes!

Hello! I’m Buki, creator of Style with Buki, a blog where I showcase my personal style and feature local businesses!

Locals Luv is a main feature on Style with Buki and it spotlights local businesses unique to the Washington DC Metro area. I started this feature because I wanted to be better acquainted with the area and explore the best places to eat, sleep and play like a city local. Initially I had to approach many businesses as an unknown blogger, but I’ve learned how to build relationships that lead to wonderful collaborations.

It was a large learning curve but I’ve learned many lessons and have become more comfortable as I’ve become more experienced. This year, I was featured as the DC guest editor in Marie Claire Magazine!

Today, I’ll share with you 3 ways to connect with Local businesses which I have found to be successful.

Become a patron
Visit that local coffee shop you’re interested in working with and drink a cup of coffee. This is the first step in connecting with the business owner and authenticating the experience you plan to share with your audience.

Remember: Everyone takes pride in their work and having someone support them speaks volumes with out using words.


Ask questions
Speak with business owners and employees. This is a visible way of showing interest in an establishment. Be sure to ask questions because in the process you’ll learn unique features and facts about the business that can’t be found simply by conducting a Google search.

Remember: The more you know, the better equipped you are to inform your audience as a expert voice.


Connect and Interact on Social Media
Follow the business’s social media accounts, then take photos or tweet and tag their respective accounts.

Remember: This act of following and interacting on social media re-enforces your relationship with the business and may increase your following if they decide to re-post your photo or tweet.

Buki Peters
Editor in Chief, Style with Buki
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Thanks Buki! These are awesome tips, and great ways to get yourself noticed by the businesses you want to work with. 

Now that you’ve been schooled on business collabs, head on over to Buki’s blog and tell her Jacque sent ya!

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