Building a Buiness: How to Stay Motivated

how to stay motivated

So I get a lot of comments from people asking about motivation, and how I stay so dedicated to projects of my own creation- like this blog, or my new Build-a-Boutique course!

Well I’ll let you in on a few of my secrets…

Money is not motivation

It takes money to make money, and chances are when you first launch a new project you won’t make many sales- because no one knows who you are.…yet. That’s just the nature of the beast. So if your motivation is money, good luck. You’re in for a wild emotional roller-coaster!

no money

I may have stars in my eyes, (I can’t help it, I’m a dreamer) but I do understand that money is important for survival. However, being too emotionally caught up in the money can make you really, really sad. Trust me.

Break the project into small, actionable pieces

It’s easy to abandon something that seems too daunting to complete. But rather than gawking at the hugeness of it all, break the project up into small tasks. Not only does it make it easier to tackle, but with each completed task you get a little boost to your self esteem!

Take advantage of your momentum

If you get a sudden burst of motivation and energy, use it! As soon as I feel my energy level rise, I take advantage and work as much as I can.

fast typing

That way, I’ll have so much done that I won’t want to abandon the project, and I’m guaranteed to return to it.

Sacrifice some of your social life…some

Oh boy, this is sounding like horrible advice, but I’m sharing how I get things done- both good and bad. Anyway, being new in a new city and a natural hermit leads me to have a lot of free time to either watch TV and rest…or get things done. I choose to get things done. Even if that means forgoing time to hang out and meet people. In my mind meeting people can wait!

Although I choose to sacrifice my social life pretty much entirely, I’d never tell you to do that. You need to have fun and unwind from time to time. But if you do want to get things done, you’ll naturally start canceling a few plans to stay in and work.

Designate an accountability partner

I’ve been blessed with great friends who have an interest in what I’m up to.


So I know if I let it slip that I’m working on a project, I have at least two-three people who will ask me about it periodically, which is enough to make me want to have something accomplished by the next time they ask.

Change up the scenery

Sometimes tasks can get monotonous, especially if we’re working on them in the same location. I love going to my local Panera, or book shop to sit and work in a different space!

What about you? How do you stay motivated? I could always use some tips!

big bab

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  • Jacque,

    I love your use of gifs!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who uses them, lol. These are some great tips!! Thank you!!

    I stay motivated by looking back at my goals, and remembering why I want to accomplish them. I have a BBF (Best Business Friend) or accountability partner too, who keeps me in check.

    Stay awesome!