5 Things That Need To Stay In 2015

2016 new year

The New Year is almost here! *Throws Confetti*

While some may scoff at the old saying “New year, new me“, I 100% support the movement to constantly and consciously improve upon yourself.

With that being said, here are five ways we can all improve moving into 2016. Seriously, some things should really just stay in 2015!

Gossip and Slander

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I’m definitely not going to act like I’m perfect. Everyone gossips. It’s just a part of life. But something I’ve been trying to do lately is stay in my lane and mind my own business. The minute I stopped worrying about what this person or that person was doing, I found that I got way more accomplished.

Sometimes gossip serves as a way to make us feel better about where we are in life so we have an excuse to stay in our comfy little boxes.

“Oh yeah I hate my job but….I don’t have it as bad as Janet. Her job sucks!”


“Yeah I want to start a business, but Jacque started one and she failed blah blah blah” 

See how gossiping about others shields you from facing your own truth?


Sloppy Finances

When it comes to managing the money I make, I admit I could do a whole lot better. 2016 will be all about budgeting and spending smart, as opposed to snap judgements and emotionally charged spending. Finances can cause a whole lot of stress when they’re not handled right, and anything less than excellent credit can end up biting you in the butt later on. So let’s leave the avoidable financial disasters in 2015, shall we?


If you know me, you already knew I’d include this! Fear is the ultimate blessing blocker. Stop letting fear of imaginary outcomes stop you from achieving real, tangible results. Did you know I’ve been afraid of asking for money earned, asking for work, looking for clients? Isn’t that ridiculous? My fear has led me to losing money, opportunities and peace of mind. But these days I hold my breath and leap. Even though I’m terrified 99% of the time, when you decide to go up against fear things work out in your favor more often than not.

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Unhealthy Lifestyles

Spending hundreds of dollars on food that’s slowly killing me doesn’t sound like something I want to bring into 2016! So I’ll be leaving all the greasy, fatty comfort food in 2015. I also want to work out, and increase my strength and stamina. You can do more and think clearer when you’re healthy!


No commentary needed.

Can you think of anything I’ve missed? What do you think should stay in 2015?

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