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As part of a collaboration between myself and Curvy Girl Chronicles, for the next few Fridays we’ll be featuring up-and-coming designers and picking their brains for you ladies who need a little “real-world” inspiration.

Up first? Siobahn Peay, a Maryland based designer whose clothing is fun, flirty, and perfect for women of all shapes and sizes. Read on to see what advice she has for future fashion entrepreneurs looking to fund their businesses:

image3 siobjanm peay

Siobahn Peay

On funding her business:

I have been on a debt free journey now for almost two years, and to get there, for a season, I had to make some dramatic changes. There is a passage of scripture from Proverbs 6. It talks about freeing yourself from debt with gazelle like intensity. With that being said, I moved from my apartment back home with my mother. I’ve been able to allott the money I was using in rent to pay off my student loans, car loan,  credit cards, and I’ve designated money for ventures/my entreprenuerial ideas. $150.00 a paycheck is set aside for my fashion fabrics, materials, and the shows I participate in.

If you’re looking to start-up a company, be encouraged! My route may not be for you, but remember, for a season, to save more money, you may have to make some dramatic changes.

Great advice Siobahn! Read the rest of the interview on Curvy Girl Chronicles, where you’ll also find a discount code for Siobahn’s chic line.

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