Finesse Your Life With Mitsubishi

jacque mitsubishi2

Jennifer and I

This past weekend I accompanied Jennifer from Jengerbread Marketing (and my mentor) on the L.A. leg of her Finesse Your Life tour! The FYL Tour is all about empowering women to step away from their glowing screens and support one another offline. We get so wrapped up in social media that an event like this was such a breath of fresh air!

jacque fyl

During the event I actually got the chance to moderate the panel, which was an amazing experience considering the power players I got to interview! Catherine Marzouk, AdaPia D’errico, and my twin Peace Amadi (hehe) made up the inspiring trio. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, and I’d  be doubly lying if I said I did a good job…but..I’m super proud of myself for facing my fears and sitting up there! I definitely can’t wait until the next event!


Besides the tour I had a blast in Los Angeles, roaming Sunset Boulevard and eating yummy authentic Korean Barbecue- but I wouldn’t have been able to get around so easily without this cute little 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage!

jacque mitsubishi4

This tiny car packs a major punch, and had plenty of room for my other passengers and our snacks. And we had LOADS of snacks! Ha!

jacque mitsubishi

Whipping through L.A. traffic was a breeze thanks to the Mirage. Seriously, I couldn’t imagine zig zagging and squeezing into tiny parking spots with a larger car. This size was perfect! And we never had to stop for gas. We went from Hollywood to Fullerton a handful of times and never had to fill up. Considering the cost of gas in California that was a miracle to me .*Praise dances*

jacque mitsubishi1

The Mirage also has a built-in GPS and I connected my phone’s bluetooth to blast music while I cruised.

jacque mitsubishi3

I got to test drive my little Mirage for the weekend, but all opinions are mine, all mine!

What do you think of the Finesse Your Life tour concept? Do you think we get super wrapped up in social media?

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  • I love this post and the FYL concept! You are so right, we are so glued to our phones that we forget to go out and support each other in person. The car is too cute. I love LA I’m jealous you had a chance to go out there

  • I looked around the finesse your life site for a bit, and it looks interesting. I like it.

    I’m not sure if people get too into social media, but I do think people are way too into their phones… Since moving back to my hometown, I’ve been learning to accept that if I really want to make friends, I’ll have to get online to do it. I live in a small retirement/military town, and work really weird hours so I rarely see people my age. When I do go out all I see is elderly folks and my childhood friends are typically too busy to make plans. Social media, and blog commenting seems to be the only way I can have any type of social life right now.

    I’ve been slowly working on revamping my overly personal art blog, and using the Instagram account I made a couple years ago.

    • That’s true without social media I wouldn’t have any of the friends I have here in Dallas (I’m also new here)..but sometimes I find myself wayyy to comfortable keeping the friendship online rather than meeting in person. I definitely feel your situation and that’s where internet is definitely a great thing! Let me know once you launch your blog…I’ll share it all over the place 🙂

  • That car is adorable! Btw, is the hair in the picture yours? If so, it’s so pretty on you! If it’s a weave, where can I get it? It, and you, are absolutely gorgeous!