Bloggers: How to Approach Small Online Shops for Partnerships


Wearing Adorned By Chi accessories

Ever since started Adorned By Chi, I’ve been approached by quite a few bloggers about working together. I love it! When I was a fashion blogger, way back when, I pitched to indie brands because they felt more accessible and it’s always fun introducing something new to your audience.  Anyway, over time I’ve received some awesome pitches and some not-so-awesome pitches. Now, I’m not here to shame people who may not have polished their approach yet. Lord knows I hadn’t when I first started writing to small brands. I just want to offer some guidance so that your emails get answered!

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How I Used My Own Course To Make $600 in Sales 9 weeks After Opening

online shop 600

Adorned By Chi has been open for a little over 9 weeks now and things have been going great! Because I don’t necessarily sell “must have” trendy items (my shop is catered to a certain niche), I was expecting the first few months to be sloooow sale-wise as I build my brand, find my target customer, and gain trust. Well, things have been moving along a LOT faster than expected. If you’re on my mailing list or subscribe to my Youtube channel, you already know I’ve been selling out of certain items faster than I can restock them. Thanks to the Holiday season, and being featured on sites like Quirky Brown Love, Soul Train, and more, I’ve even had to open up pre-orders. I’m so excited and super grateful!

On my end, I made sure to follow my course, Build-a-Boutique and my online shop marketing e-book, to a T. That included getting my branding right, working with bloggers, and having great customer service. Want to know all the details? Read on!

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How To Host An Event For Your Online Shop!


Genevieve and I wearing Adorned By Chi bunny ears in the photobooth!

I did it! This socially awkward girl threw a shindig! After attending the first Finesse Your Life event in Dallas, I got the craZzy idea to partner with other fun bloggers and businesses to host a tea party with games, polaroids and etiquette training. It was basically everything I’d ever want at an event or party! I was a bit nervous once I got the ball rolling, but it was more fun and more magical than I could have ever imagined it to be! And most importantly? It was great branding for Adorned By Chi.

Planning an event for your online shop is no easy task and I’ve already gotten questions about how I was able to do it, so I figured I’d give some tips while also sharing some snaps from the party.

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Getting to Know: Jessica of The Confetti Bar


Photo Credit: Jen Brister

You ever find a site so fun that you find yourself visiting it over and over and over again? That’s what happened when I found The Confetti Bar, an online wonderland full of fun, creativity and, of course, confetti! At The Confetti Bar you can buy custom confetti by the cup. Want to quit your job but need a way to lighten the mood after? There’s confetti for that. Seriously, they can make anything you want into confetti! Hashtags, logos and slogans become immortalized in sequins and metallic bits.

After crushing on this fun brand for a while, I decided to approach the fabulous owner Jessica about collaborating with my shop Adorned By Chi for an awesome tea party here in Dallas! She was so nice, I just had to ask her a few questions about how she was able to build a business selling fun in the form of confetti!

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6 easy ways to earn your customer’s trust

customers trust

When it comes to business, trust is a pretty big deal. Think about it. If a nameless, faceless shady guy in a trenchcoat randomly walked up to you and said “hey, I’ve got something awesome in my pocket. Wanna buy it?”, I’m pretty sure your answer would be a firm no. After all, you don’t know the guy, and you definitely don’t know what’s in his pocket!  Personally, run-ins with untrustworthy businesses usually leave me with a bad taste in my mouth and my money shoved even further down into my purse. But the thing is, some of us are the shady guy in the trench coat and we don’t even know it! Want to know how to shake that shady-guy persona? Here are six easy ways to earn your customer’s trust:

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