Free Feminine Styled Stock Photos!

free stock photos

A while ago I shared free cutesy stock photos for bloggers and creatives and I thought I’d follow up and share more now that I have a new apartment, more new cute stuff to photograph, and a new lens! Flat lays make me happy and I’m always excited to share. Once again, the only thing I ask for is a shout out or a link back if you use the free versions on your blog or social media.

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Free Cute Stock Photos for Bloggers

free cute stock

Free cute┬ástock photos are hard to come by, especially stylized flat lays! I mean, I never mind paying for a great photo but I always need new images and it does add up quickly. That’s why I decided to snap a few of my own using some of the cute stuff I had laying around my room, and of course I just had to share with you! Feel free to use these images on your blogs, Instagrams, and websites. The only thing I ask is to please link back to me if you do! A link is way cheaper than $15 for one photo amiright? Anyway, here are a few samples of the images you’ll find in your photo pack:

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