With These 3 Tips You’ll Never Run Out of Blog Content Again!

never run out of blog content

Blogging is hard work.

Not just the writing and promoting part, that’s easy. It’s content generation that makes my soul cry out in pain. Ok, maybe I’m being a bit of a drama queen, but let’s face it- content creation sucks sometimes. Especially when you feel like you’ve written all you can. But I can guarantee you you haven’t!

Here are three tips to keep that content wheel churning:

Forget everything you know about your expertise

Sometimes we forget that we’re the expert in our given field. Use your content to teach those who don’t know what you know. A great way to do this is to imagine yourself as a novice, a newbie. What questions would you ask about your subject? Write down every question you think of and use that list to create content. For example, I have experience running my own online clothing boutique. So someone who doesn’t have that experience but wants to know how I started and ran my boutique may ask:

  • How much does a business license cost?
  • Where do you get your clothing from?
  • How do you package items?
  • What kind of camera do you use to photography products? etc etc..

Those questions would make great blog posts don’t you think?

naomi campbell thumbs up

Check out current events

There’s always something new going on in every industry. Are you a beauty blogger? Then keep up with not only beauty trends, but also company news. For example, let’s say an emerging brand has an exciting new product that just hit the market. Talk about it. Even go a step further and try it for yourself so you can write a review. Fashion blogging? Great. Feature new designers or stay on top of breaking fashion news.

An easy way to stay on top of news (other than following your fav blogs) is to sign up for Google Alerts. You get news about your topic of choice sent right to your inbox!

Make something unrelated, related

Just because you blog about fashion doesn’t mean you can’t also blog about music! Just find a way to make a connection. Maybe feature the items worn by an artist in their music video, or build outfits around a song. These kind of posts are my favorite, they’re so creative!


Plan ahead

When you get a burst of genius, write a bunch of blog posts in advance, so when you do hit a dry spell your readers won’t know the difference. 😉

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