October Blog Income: How I Made $3,485.49 Through Blogging

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I finally did it!!!!!! I more than doubled what I made last time!!!! I’m so stoked, and I know I should be handling this in a more mature way but….forget that, I’m happy!

Want to know how I made $3,485.49 through blogging in October? Read on.

Before I get into the money, I’ll show you my stats:

October Pageviews

I changed my blog’s theme and forgot to update my Google Analytics code for days which threw off my stats. A lot of buttons and other things also broke. Sigh. And as you can see, my bounce rate went from 8% to a whopping 38% as soon as I changed the theme. That means more people are reading one post and running off (or my code is still broken). Either way, be careful when you make changes on your site!

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s a breakdown of how I made money through my blog:

Social media management: $2980

Custom logos: $225

Ebooks and courses: $257

Google Adsense: $5.11 (sidebar ad) + $18.38 (Youtube)

Disclaimer: Since my online shop is totally different from the services I offer on this blog I won’t include it in this income report.

Social Media Management

social media consultation button

Month after month I express how I’m not hustling hard enough when it comes to my social media management and consultation services. Well, for the first half of the month I still wasn’t. But thank God I got some clients this month who actually approached me because of the work I do on my blog! After that extra boost in income, I decided to put some money back into my business..wait…I said “my business”..agh! It’s still so weird saying that. Anyway, I invested in a $100 Facebook ad to promote my services and I instantly got new paying clients and inquiries. When done the right way, Facebook ads are totally worth it!! Ads aren’t the only thing I invested in. I also dropped $100 on a tablet and $200 on a new lens for my camera, plus I resurrected my Photoshop subscription. If you’re going to be taken seriously as a business owner, you need serious tools!

What I learned: Don’t be bootleg forever. Start where you are but make sure you’re growing with your business as well!


63 ways to market your online shop

I have three e-books for sale in my blog shop: “Jump Into Online Sales”, “63 Ways To Market Your Online Shop“, and “Zero to 100: Easy Steps to Blog Success In Under A Year“. I’ve gotten great feedback on my books, which has definitely inspired me to write more! I just need to sit and plan and execute. Also, this month I got a big boost in e-book sales after sharing free stock photos with my readers. I didn’t think anyone would buy the book, but they did! Sometimes it pays to give things away for free.

What I learned: Knowledge and time are valuable. If you know something that could save someone time…sell it!


  • This month I’ve also been planning a tea party hosted by my online shop Adorned By Chi, in partnership with other great businesses like The Vintage House, Steel City Pops, The Confetti Bar, and My Beauty Tea. The party is a free event, meaning I’m not making a dime off of it. But I’m super proud of myself for tackling something as huge as event planning. If all goes well, maybe I’ll add fun events as another stream of income!
  • God-willing, I want my next major investment to be an employee. I’ve decided that my ultimate goal is to be able to hire people who may not get a chance otherwise. Man, that would be awesome!

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Interested in my services? Take a look at what I currently offer. What do you guys think? How do you plan on making money online this month? Let me know below!

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  • This is awesome and inspiring. Congrats to you and your business. As I grow my blog, I have been thinking of what kind of service I could provide to receive revenue without putting ads on my blog. Everyone is being encouraged to do e-books, e-courses, e-services, e-etc. I love the concept of your digital boutique. How do you go about making your services stand out from others in this blog industry?

    • Thank you!! And for me, I recently ran a Facebook ad. Promoted pins are great as well. They put your services in front of thousands of people for very little money…it’s great!

  • You know when something great happens to someone and you get so excited it feels like its happening to you too? That’s how reading this felt.

    I really want to give you a high five!! When your post showed up on Bloglovin the first thing I thought was “Daaaang! Look at her!! She is doing her thang and needs a high five.” Anyway congratulations!!! All the income posts are great but this one is especially exciting. This is awesome *high five*

  • CONGRATSS!!!!!!! Lovvvve it. the growth is amazing . Quick question. With the social media management income – was that management AND consultations . Or just management? I do not do management R but I do consulting and wondering the demand differences! Lol!!