July Blog Income Report: How I made $1,479 through blogging

blog income report

Income reports are my absolute favorite types of posts! I didn’t even know people were willing to share what they make and how they make it until I stumbled upon Fitness Fashionista‘s awesome income reports but now that I know, I’m hooked! There’s really nothing like watching your favorite blogger increase their money flow in the most creative ways month after month. It’s also super inspiring. There are so many ways to make money, I don’t think people realize the value their skills have. Heck, even I’m just starting to see the value that my experience and skills bring to the table. So, if you’re curious to see how I made $1,479 last month through blogging, keep on reading!

Social Media Management: $1,380.00

E-Books: $48.00

Mean Muggin’ Mugs: $32.00

Contributing Writer: $8.00

Google Adsense: $0.13 (sidebar ad) + $10.87 (youtube)

Total: $1,479

Before I dive in to how I earned money, let me show you guys my traffic stats:

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 6.19.56 PM

My pageviews have increased since May (they were around 5,000 then) and my users have slightly increased. This is great to me, because that means more people are reading more stuff! I think adding a bit more organization with updated categories and side bar buttons helped with that. Ok, now on to the mula.

Social Media Management

social media consultation button

I actually don’t really promote my social media management services, only $100 consultations, but somehow I’ve gotten clients. Seriously, I’d be lying to you if I said I had a strategy (I just started this blog in January 2015), but initially Facebook groups were something I utilized a lot and after that I gave cold emailing a shot. Both tactics resulted in finding one client (so two in total).

What I learned: I need to create a page for social media management outlining everything that that entails. I do get emails from people confused about what I actually offer/do, and since this is my biggest money maker I need to put more energy into communicating my value. That means case studies and reviews from current clients, as well as sprucing up my services page.


63 ways to market your online shop

This is something I actually just put together last week, so I’m hoping next month my e-books will do even better! I currently sell two e-books: ‘Jump Into Online Sales’ and ‘63 Ways to Market Your Online Shop‘. Knowledge really is worth something because it saves you time. With these e-books (and my course ‘Build-a-Boutique‘) instead of wasting time researching and wracking your brain, I’ve presented information that I’ve learned over two years with you, that you can learn in a week or two. So, if you know something that others would benefit from, sit down, write it out and sell it!

What I learned: Write more e-books!

Mean Muggin’ Mugs

unicorn tears mug

If you read my first blog post about my foray into the world of kawaii mugs, then you know I had always planned to move away from Etsy. To be honest, I’m not a fan of the site, but it was a way to quickly get my mugs up. Because the mugs are just a little hobby, I don’t really have any interest in purchasing a standalone site to house them, so instead I now have a page on this site where I can sell them without Etsy’s fees and seller competition.

What I learned: I’ll keep my mugs on Etsy for a bit because it’s a high traffic site that brings customers to me, but I’ll eventually sell them solely from this site.

So that’s it! That’s how I made money blogging in July. I’m hoping August will be the month for brand partnerships and affiliates. I’m open to working with small fashion and beauty businesses to get their biz seen through blog posts on my blog (see my media kit), through a consultation….or full on social media management. Also, as you can see, Google Adsense doesn’t really bring me much money but eh, I’ll keep it up because it doesn’t hurt!

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Interested in my services? Take a look at what I currently offer. What do you guys think? How do you plan on making money online this month? Let me know below!


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