Free Feminine Styled Stock Photos!

free stock photos

A while ago I shared free cutesy stock photos for bloggers and creatives and I thought I’d follow up and share more now that I have a new apartment, more new cute stuff to photograph, and a new lens! Flat lays make me happy and I’m always excited to share. Once again, the only thing I ask for is a shout out or a link back if you use the free versions on your blog or social media.

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I Don’t Want to be a “Jacque of All Trades” Anymore!

le chat outfit 22

If you’ve been reading my blog since I’ve started it last year then you know I do a lot of stuff. I went to Korea and started a blog about Korea where I interviewed a celebrity, and I maintain a Black in Korea Facebook group. I started my own social media marketing-turned consultation/design business. I’m currently 14,000 words into a fiction novel that I plan on self-publishing (I already have the cover designed and I’m so excited for this!). I’ve hosted events, and I also own an online shop.

What do these things have in common? Not much. And that’s a problem!

Last year I was told that you can’t do it all, and I set out to prove that you can. But just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should, especially if your goal is to earn money. What happens is you say “yes” to too many tasks and end up dropping the ball, or two, or three. I want whatever I do to be done with excellence, as Jessica Chinyelu once told me, and that’s not possible if I’m running seven-‘leven businesses all on my own. Doing too much leads to burn out, depression, and sets the scene for failure.

Note: An example of this is my failed subscription service. Had I put my all into it, who knows what would have come of it. 

So, while my blog title is staying the same (I don’t feel like creating a new logo ha!), the way I handle my blog and business will be changing. Here’s how:

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(Good) Branding Should Make You Lazy

branding should make you lazy

Branding is more than a logo and some cute head shots (although my new head shots are super cute…just saying!). It’s really all about what feeling your brand evokes. And just like people, the best way to judge a brand is by the actions they continually make. As Brittany from XO Brit Dear says, your branding is in everything you do. Every tweet you send, every photo you post, and every email you write contributes to your brand.

I write about things as I learn them, and I’ve learned the hard way that you can’t just throw things up as you please. Your brand should be recognizable, have a clear end goal, and make you lazy.

Wait what?

Yep. A good brand should make you incredibly lazy.

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From Passion to Profit 2016 Recap + Giveaway!

passion to profit jacqueamadi

All my faves in one picture!

A few weeks ago I announced a super fun kick-in-the-pants workshop about finding your passion and monetizing your hobbies: From Passion To Profit. This past weekend it went down! Myself and a group of super talented and driven women gathered at Headspace– a coworking space for entrepreneurs in Carrollton, TX. I’m a big fan of hands on activities and team work, so the event had plenty of group activities…and champagne. We had plenty of champagne. Check out a quick video recap below!

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