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Is your fashion or beauty blog the bees knees but nobody knows it?

Is your e-commerce site bursting at the seams with fabulous fashions, yet remaining a “best kept” secret? 

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By now we all know the importance of social media, especially for fashion and beauty brands, but sometimes it just doesn’t click and it’s hard to see why from the inside looking out.Trust me, I know first hand.

As a former e-commerce entrepreneur I opened up shop to crickets. Besides a few loyal customers, I wasn’t moving much product at all. But after a re-evaluation of my online strategy (thanks to an awesome internship at LKR Social Media) I watched my sales, exposure, and productivity increase drastically!


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Do you want to know how you can cut the crap I went through and improve your social media strategy now? Then hire me as your virtual social media consultant!


Contact me, letting me know you want a consultation.

You will then be sent a short questionnaire, so I can get to know ya better!

One week later you will have a customized in depth report including:

  • What social media networks you should be using and why.
  • What social media tools you should be using that you aren’t, and why.
  • My analysis of your social media channels including engagement, post frequency, design, and more.
  • A sample posting schedule
  • Three follow up progress emails
  • I’ll let you know what’s wrong, what’s right, and what’s missing!




Keshia EzerenduJacque’s review of my social media habits helped identify the areas were I needed the most work. She provided simple strategies on how I can improve my instragram, blog, Facebook and email communication. Jacque even created a custom work calendar for my social media postings. I recommend Jacque of All Trades for anyone who wants to improve their online presence.

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Social media is a huge part of my business’s success, but as a new mother I found myself overwhelmed and putting it on the back burner. Thanks to Jacque’s detailed consultation and custom calendar, I was able to see everything laid out in front of me, and planned around my schedule. Jacque was also able to post for me, providing feedback on what my audience preferred to see. Jacque is trustworthy, thorough, and passionate about social media. I would suggest her service to anyone!

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 Interested in increasing your business’s online exposure? Of course you are!

Let’s get started!

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