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"To manifest your dreams you have to first punch fear in the face.." 

Conquering anxiety is no easy task on a day to day basis, let alone when you're trying to accomplish something that many people don't have the faith, patience, or guts to do.

Just know that your fear is valid. Your fear is real. And your fear can be conquered- not unlike a fire breathing dragon. Consider this 20 page guide your trusty wand, aiding you in vanquishing the hulking fear-monster that often turns our dreams into nightmares.


Hey, Jacque...who are you?!

Great question! I'm a serial entrepreneur currently juggling two e-commerce businesses (Adorned by Chi & Candy Coated Curls) while living and lurking in Dallas, TX! I've been featured on many cool sites and, according to some really cool people, I've done some really cool stuff (check out a few places I've been interviewed below)! I'm not going to try and entice you onto my mailing list or lead you down a carefully crafted sales funnel. I just wanted to write a manual of sorts to help people out, because I get asked A LOT how I manage to achieve my goals despite my intense anxiety. And let me tell you, it's a whole lot of faith and a little bit of magic. 😉

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